25 January 2024

Increasing the rate of correctly completed credit applications​


A company in the financial services sector operating nationwide. It specializes in serving small business entities.​

Customer business need – problem​

Problem: The rate of correctly completed applications for opening a business account and applications for initiating a debit line in the account remains at 43% of all applications processed in stationary branches. This is definitely too much and heavily burdens the branch budget, as well as negatively affects customer satisfaction with the services provided.

NEED: streamlining the customer service process, increasing the percentage ​
of correctly completed credit applications (business indicator).

ACTION: reduce customer service costs, increase customer satisfaction by reducing the percentage of defectively completed applications for account opening and debit line activation to 20% of all applications submitted in branches.

Achieved results – change

Implemented activities based on gamification mechanisms

Consisting of two modules of the native application:

  • Educational module with microlearning and tests
  • Gamification module with tools for measuring process effectiveness

Project duration – 3 months


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